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Developing a quality website that is user-friendly and accessible is vital to achieve your objectives. As an emerging leader in providing high quality web solutions, SiteCare Pro can completely manage your site on an on-going basis and provide you with peace of mind. We provide website virus removal, virus, spyware, malware & ransomware removal support, web-maintenance, website security, website backup, site diagnostics, infection cleaning and speed-boosting services. With its office in Naperville, IL SiteCarePro takes care of all the technicalities of your website and application development, maintenance and rebuilding needs.

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Complete Website Maintenance Services

Infection Scan

Infection Scan services

We will run a quick security scan on your website and advise you of infections (if any) and fixes to be applied.

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Infection Removal


We will run a detailed security scan of your website and completely remove any malware infections and advice measures for future prevention.

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Infection Protection

Infection Proction Services

Infection protection is like an insurance premium. We prevent any potential hacking or infection of your site. If the site gets infected despite the protection, we jump into action to fix it.

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Site Speed Scan

Site Speed Scan Services

Check how fast or slow your site is loading across popular browsers with a decent internet connection speed.

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Site Diagnostics & Tune Up

Site Tune Up Services

Is your site is well-optimised & secure? Have you updated WordPress, themes, plugins? We do minor fine tuning and fix a few issues and suggest practical insights for further fine tuning

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Site Speed Optimization

Site Speed Boost Services

Slow-loading websites are abandoned by people and Google alike. We identify the page loading bottlenecks and fix them up to make your site load within seconds.

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Small Fixes & Repairs

Small Error Fixing Services

We quickly fix the minor issues that is troubling your website, like – content or image changes, CSS style change, fix plugin conflicts, fix internal server error, do theme updates, set up SSL HTTPS and so on.

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Cloud Backup / Restore

Restore Services

A good backup strategy with quick restore capability is a must for all websites. We set up a backup system in the cloud with easy one click restore, at affordable rates.

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Site Migration

Sitemigration Services

Migrating your site to a new server can be very messy, if not handled with care. But don’t worry, we see that all the nuts & bolts are in place and ensure a hassle free transition.

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