If a website is slow to load, customers could bounce from your site. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, and can negatively affect user experience, the volume of website traffic, and SERP ranking. Need to fix your slow site? You definitely need expert help. SiteCare Pro is the tech partner you can trust for site speed boost service.

Reliable Website Speed Optimization Services

Our page speed optimization service will help improve the load time of your web pages and site’s performance. We identify the page loading bottlenecks and fix them up to make your site load within seconds.

We are based in Naperville, IL, and we take care of all the technicalities of your website. Ask for our site speed boost service and find out how we can help you get your website loading fast.

Our commitment under this service

Our commitment under this service:

  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Minify CSS, JSS files & COMBINE
  • Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files
  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • Choose the right hosting option for your needs
  • Reduce and scaling image
  • Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site
  • Reduce redirects
  • Reduce external scripts
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What We Can Do?

Daily website Scan

Minimize HTTP requests

Minimizing HTTP requests is done by checking the detailed report of your website so that your website speed increases. Our tool enables checking content on your page, number of requests and which file takes longer time to load, and rectify the same.

Auto-fix any Hacking

Minify CSS, JSS files and Combine

The size of each file is reduced on identifying the number of HTTP requests. By combining CSS and JSS files into one, reducing the number of requests, thus increasing the speed of the website.

Prevent future attacks

Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript Files

We check how CSS and Java scripts are loaded and ensure that all the scripts use asynchronous loading, so that your site speed increases.


Defer JavaScript loading

We avoid and minimize the use of blocking JavaScript, especially external scripts. Scripts that are necessary to render page content will be in-lined to avoid extra network requests. This reduces the content to reduce the size and speed up performance. Scripts that are not critical to initial render will be made asynchronous or deferred until after the first render.

Daily website Scan

Choose the right hosting option for your needs

We review your website pages and decide which will be the best hosting option for your needs and the same will be informed to you to take necessary steps.


Reduce and scaling image

Our experts checks the entire page and ensure that appropriate file types are used for each image. This may seem like a minor concern, but the file types you use can affect each file’s size.

Prevent future attacks

Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site

Our experts find out the number of plugins used for your page and clear cut all the unnecessary plugins. They analyze each plugin used and combine a few plugins
into one.


Reduce redirects

Our experts check all the pages and their links to check any redirection of the page. They regularly scan your website for old redirects that may lead to deleted pages.


Reduce external scripts

Our team finds the external scripts used in your page, disable the unused scripts, styles and plugins, disable gravatars, broken link checker, unused jetpack modules. They replace social media posts with screenshots, avoid Google AdSense.

Let’s get you on the right track with our page speed optimization services! To speak with our experienced team, give us
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