Choosing a domain name can be tricky and requires a lot of thinking and discussions. The domain name becomes your identity in the worldwide web. It must represent your company at the same time be in line with keywords that would remain at the top for a long time. Here are some tips to choose a perfect domain name for your website.

Keep it short:

Keeping your domain name short can make it easy for your customers to access it faster. This also reduces risk of being misspelled or typing errors.

Make it easy to type:

Keep your domain name such that there are no spelling discrepancies, for example, “xpress” instead of “express”. Normal English words are the best way to be available for visitors who type their queries or search keywords.

Use relevant words:

Words that are relevant to your business must be used for domain name. Use of words not connected to your business can influence the expectations of the visitors. It also improves ranking of your website on search engines.

Be specific to your area:

Consider using your city or state in the domain name. This is very crucial as it makes the customer feel more personal as they can feel free to visit anytime.

Avoid numerals and symbols:

Symbols like hyphens or hash are often misunderstood by visitors when they hear about it. For example if you have “5” in the domain name, you need to specify whether it is “five” or “5”.

Easy to remember:

Catchy domain names are easy to remember. Try sharing with close friends and see if it sounds trendy and easily memorized or associated with something everyone likes.

Must be available:

Make sure that your domain name is not already taken by another website or company. The domain name that you chose must not face trademark or copyright issues. If you face copyright issues, you could end up losing a lot of money.

Choose the right domain name extension:

Suffixes such as .com or .net at the end of web addresses also must be chosen carefully to represent the local, international or national businesses. Some of the top extensions include .co, .info, .biz, .me, etc. Country specific domain name extensions are available in many countries.

Purchase various domain extensions:

Purchasing various domain extensions and misspelled versions of your domain name can prevent other website owners from registering a domain name similar to yours. This is essential to keep customers directed to your website instead of going to other extensions with similar names.

Be quick to register your domain name:

With many businesses going online, it is best to act fast and get the domain name of your choice registered. Most webhosting services also offer to suggest appropriate domain names based on their experience, trending keywords and of course, your business. Finally, lock the domain so that it can’t be stolen or taken by some other business.

Use a thesaurus to get ideas for choosing domain name:

Sometimes a good synonym for your business can play a role in displaying your identity on the web. Using a thesaurus can give you a lot more options for the name than you and your team can think of.

Check the domain history:

A domain name that you have chosen can be one that has been used already but abandoned by the owner for lack of maintaining. Check the history of the domain name so that you can have an idea whether it had been popular or notorious. You can check social media websites with the name. There are some tools and service providers who can do it for you for a small price.

A domain name will be your web identity for a very long time. Choose carefully, choose wisely.

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