A website is the reflection of your business and corporate image. A website that is not updated, full of errors, broken links and dead pages gives a bad impression on the visitor. Building a website and launching it is not the end of the work. The website needs constant appraisal checks and updates for its optimization.

Web maintenance can be done by the website or business owner by themselves or can be allocated to a company that exclusively provides web maintenance services. Either way the already launched website needs constant checks in various aspects and the required correction action. Regular security updates are a must for protecting the website from getting hacked. Some other seemingly minor issues like spam, dead pages, broken links, etc may make the website look shabby.

Some of the common problems that occur if the website is not properly maintained are given below:

Website getting hacked:

Small scale website owners may think why anyone would hack their website when there are larger fish in the ocean. But this is not the case. The hackers can benefit by stealing bandwidth, drive by downloads, spam campaigns, etc. When the hacker finds that the website is not updated on a continuous basis, he may use the features and invade it unethically by clicking on “View Page Source” button and find the version of WordPress used in your website.

Damage to the site:

When the website is not updated periodically can damage the structure and the display of the website. Regular updates in small steps can prevent the loss of data and content. Skipping smaller updates results in bigger problems in the website when eventually the website needs compulsory upgrades. So, the longer you wait for updates, there is more risk of encountering problems in the website.

Extra expenditure:

If regular updates are not done while they are available, the website would require update on a later date. Updating the latest version would mean skipping a few in-between ones. This would be much more expensive than simple, automatic and regular updates. Further, at this point, there would be a lot of questionnaires to be answered manually, taking a toll on your time. The changes in module can cause a great deal of changes in the functionality of your website. This requires further action on correction and formatting. Implementing the update as and when they are available on a regular basis can correct simple errors automatically. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Poor functionality can lead to poor user experience:

As said earlier, when updates are not done, functionality of the website is at risk. This drastically affects the user experience. When a user finds a website that is better updated and is better in functionality, they tend to shift to that website. So, updating website improves functionality, which in turn, helps retain your visitors or customers. Unusable features of the website will also get eliminated with constant updates, thus unnecessary links will not be displayed to mislead the visitors.

Reduced speed:

Updating your website also helps in improving speed and quality of the website, making it more efficient and user friendly. When a page takes too long to load, the visitor may get impatient and leave the site. This not only reduces his chances of coming back again, but also ranks your website way below in the search results.

Updating and maintaining a website is as necessary as maintaining a business, a household or a nation. It needs constant new information, updated versions of the tools and clearing of the unwanted and outdated content. It needs to be checked constantly for navigation, form submissions and payment gateways, if any. This needs a devoted technical team that is constantly on the run to keep everything in your website updated and clean.

That’s why we are here at SitecarePro. We aim to bring in the latest web technologies and best practices for web design, hosting and maintenance services. This includes that your website is ready for search engine optimization and eventually bring your business, products and services to the limelight in the world out there.

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