Maintaining a website involves multitasking abilities as you have to take care of so many tasks like content creation, social media, updates, spam clearance, security and other administrative tasks. These are the tasks of the webmaster, who would be responsible for regular administrative jobs. With all these maintenance tasks, the webmaster cannot spend much time for other work.

There are many WordPress tasks that can be done through many website maintenance and support services online. The regular services provided by such websites include maintenance and support.

Maintenance of a WordPress site includes WordPress updates, theme updates, website backups, plugin updates, security, uptime monitoring and many others.

Support helps in website downtime, modifications of themes, plugin/theme errors and other troubleshooting issues.

Routine tasks of WordPress maintenance like spam, hacks and errors are time-consuming and sometimes monotonous and boring too. Some tasks like theme updates, plugin updates, security check, backup of website, etc are essential but drains a lot of time and energy.

WordPress maintenance services can be beneficial to those who are just starting their journey into the world of website. Troubleshooting issues can easily be tackled by the maintenance team and the owner of the website can go on with his job of developing it rather than fighting within the unknown territories.

An experienced WordPress user also finds the support services useful as they can just handover the updates and spam clearance jobs to the service providers and focus on more important jobs to develop the website further.

Some of the best WordPress maintenance and support services that are available are given below.

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support:

GoDaddy takes pride in being the largest domain registrar on the internet and the web hosting company with the most clients. It was founded in 1997, but for the past five years, the company has been continuously present at the WordPress WordCamp conferences and have released a huge number of WordPress plugins and themes. Their profile has a whole list of these plugins and themes.

When they took up the WP Curve, another leading WordPress support services of 2016, under their wing, GoDaddy’s market presence accelerated to reach the top. The following are the important support services provided by GoDaddy:

  • Domain registrations

  • Database management

  • Security

  • Theme modifications

  • Email hosting

  • SSL shop store

  • URL redirects

  • Image optimisation

  • Back up of website

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support is a premium support package that offers additional benefits like WordPress modifications, website optimisation and WordPress errors. Basic tasks like installations are also provided if required.

However, GoDaddy does not help with basic maintenance tasks like plugin and theme updates. New WordPress users who need a lot of training and need a lot of help in maintaining.

GoDaddy works on credit system of providing service. The credits are in exchange of the task and not the time taken. Sometimes tackling a problem may require more than one task to be done, which would use required number of credit usage on approval from the owner. It is not always easy to predict the number of credits required for a completion of one task, but the support team can help in taking the decision.

The packages offered by GoDaddy are as follows:

  • $49.99 per month for one credit

  • $79.99 per month for three credits

  • $99.99 per month for five credits

  • $149.99 per month for ten credits

WP Site Care :

Founded in 2012, based in Atlanta, WP Site Care have spread out their support staff across the United States in cities like Montana and Salt Lake City. They take over most of the maintenance tasks like daily cloud backups, automatic update of WordPress core and plugins and themes to latest versions.

WP Site Care service can monitor activity of your website in real time and also scans for security breaches. Cleaning up of website, if hacked, can cost you a fee of $100.

WP Site Care has simple pricing models. If a support system is included in the package that the website owner has taken, then the number of support requests can be unlimited. But those support systems not included in the plan are charged on an individual basis.

The basic plan costs $99 per month, but it could come down to $79 per month if the payment is done yearly. Their pro plan costs $399 per month on regular basis and $299 per month if paid yearly.

Pro plan has the following extra support benefits :

  • Hourly backups instead of daily backups as in basic plan

  • Support requests classified as priority

  • Two hours of development work

  • Staging service for eCommerce websites

  • Version control to track changes in the code

  • Sucuri’s cloudproxy firewall

WP Site Care provide support through 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Eastern Time. Support queries would be carried over to the next day if made outside the given time. WP Site Care offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that provides full refund to unsatisfied customers.

Maintain :

Maintain is a WordPress maintenance and support company launched in 2012, which provides customers with weekly service reports. Their support is continuous over email and live chat. They provide a support button on sign up. This support button has to be installed on the WordPress dashboard so that the help can be given directly from the user’s WordPress admin area. Some of the services offered by Maintain support team include the following.

  • Off-site website backups

  • 24/7 security monitoring

  • Weekly updates to WordPress core

  • WordPress plugins

  • WordPress themes

  • Website migration

  • Website development

  • Website errors

  • Downtime

Maintainn has three types of packages for support. Further, the charges vary depending on the frequency of the payment:

  • If payment is made monthly, the packages cost $59, $179 and $299 per month.

  • If payment is made yearly, the effective payment comes to $49, $149 and $249 per month.

The professional plan has the cleaning included and further provides website backups twice a day. Other additional benefits of professional plan include:

  • Uptime monitoring

  • Performance checks

  • Support for eCommerce websites

  • WordPress multisite

  • A dedicated project manager will be assigned to provide support and managing website.

The enterprise plan is built for larger companies and the features include the following:

  • Customers get access to a collaboration environment, version changes and website staging

  • Website backups are done four times a day

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