Getting the right web hosting provider is vital in successful launch and maintenance of your website. When your website visitor clicks your link on the search results, they are clicking on the coding of the server that the browser rearranges for the viewer to understand the content. This means that the code of the website looks like the image or text in your browser for the visitor to see it.

Typically, a website has five components:

  • HTML code – for formatting and the layout of web page

  • Text – for reading content

  • Images – pictures relevant to content

  • Cascading Style Sheets – define how the page looks. Includes colours, backgrounds, fonts, etc

  • JavaScript files – makes the web page interactive. For example – sliding images, pop-up windows

The web server stores all these files and information that is created by the owner and his team. A web server then helps deliver these files to website visitors when they click on the link to your website.

Web servers are internet servers, while physical servers are very large computers that store your website’s data physically. They are the datacenters and are located across the globe. The closer the physical server storing your website’s information is to a site visitor, the faster is the content received by the visitor’s search browser.

The physical servers also support the exchange of data between the various deviceslike computers and mobile phones that connect to the internet. Physical servers and software servers work in correlation with each other to present the data to the end user in the search results.

Software servers are the programs that run in the computer or mobile phone with the help of a Linux or Microsoft operating systems. Web hosting providers have to use operating systems that are compatible to the software servers.

Most web hosting providers use Linux or Windows. They provide access to your server account and this will be a browser-based control panel. This way, most of them are eventually compatible and accessible through your systems.

Typically, a web hosting provider gets your website live on the internet for the internet visitors to access it. The three most important features given by a web hosting provider are as given below.


The website address is the domain of the website which visitors type on the address bar of a browser to access the particular website. The hosting provider can suggest a few names for your domain but it is entirely up to you to choose a domain name according to your business. The hosting provider can provide information about the availability of the domain name.


The website hosting company will ‘host’ your website in their server by storing all data, files and other elements of your website. They support the traffic coming into your website and present your website content to the visitor who clicks on your website link.

Storage space:

Various types of content like text, images, videos and media files are coded and stored in the server space for your website.

A web hosting provider can provide various types of hosting services:

Shared hosting:

Your website information is stored along with other website information. The resources of the server like RAM, disk space and processor are shared by the websites hosted in the shared host space. It is a cost-effective option if you have budget restrictions. Disk space and bandwidth increases as the website builds up in time. So, at the beginning, your website can be hosted in a shared hosting service. However, this type of hosting is not suitable for websites that generate a high amount of traffic.

Virtual private server hosting:

In private sector hosting, your website lives in an isolated environment, but shares the same server as other websites. You get your own processing power, RAM and disk space that is not shared with other websites of that server. This is more suited to a well established business and when a lot of traffic is expected. If your website is exclusively information website, VPS hosting is not suitable as the website does not attract much traffic.

Web hosting providers offer a range of services and updates from time to time. Based on your business type and size it would be wise to consider these features before you opt for the best web hosting service.

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