With the proliferation of social networks, online marketers are increasingly investing in marketing campaigns on prominent platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Most of these sites offer several effective marketing solutions (for instance, Promoted Page, Promoted Tweets) and are coming up with newer solutions. Will these reduce the importance of e-mail marketing campaigns? No, say industry experts. E-mail-based campaigns are more effective for acquiring customers. Let’s see why.

Email remains an effective option to reach your audience. The global e-mail marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027.

In 2022, the number of email users worldwide is forecast at 4.3 billion. 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel. Around 99 of us still use e-mail every day and Facebook had roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users at the end of 2020.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Drive more website traffic
  • Increase the average order value
  • Boost other marketing channels such as social media, landing pages, blogs, and in-person events
  • Gain valuable business data
  • Increasing leads
  • Reaching the right people and communicating with your audience at the right time

So, what makes e-mail more effective strategy? Here’s what industry experts say:

  • More Reliable – You can send personalized marketing e-mails to your all customers and be almost assured that they will receive them, though they may not open them or click on any of the links within. But, what you post on social sites is seen only by a subset of your audience and there is no guarantee that your fans will look at every individual piece of content posted on your timeline. Moreover, the percentage of fans seeing the social content varies with each post.
  • Professional Outlook – Communications on social sites are of a more casual nature. E-mail sounds more professional and holds it own as a serious medium for building business relationships and communicating with both partners and clients. Instead of using multiple social channels to interact with more customers in a casual manner, a better option would be to use e-mail as a single marketing channel to interact with all your customers in the most professional way possible.
  • Fully Transactional Medium – Brands need to post a variety of material on social platforms depending on the nature of the site and optimize social content for good results. For example, Facebook customers know brands close up while customers on Twitter want breaking news and updates.On email, consumers want offers or you can train them to expect offers while educating them about your brand.
  • Permission-based Option – Unlike social sites, e-mail offers permission-based marketing in which e-mails are sent only people who have asked to receive them. This reduces spamming issues and strengthens your relationship with your customers. On social media, you risk annoying your audience with lots of marketing posts on news feeds.

Online marketers can unleash the full power of e-mail with a few more steps:

  • According to a survey, it was found that customized landing pages which send the consumer directly to the particular item or offer specified in the e-mail can increase conversion rates. So the online marketers should re-think their landing pages optimization strategy
  • Marketers should adopt responsive web design to enhance their e-mail marketing efforts.
  • Online marketers should consider e-mail as an opportunity to learn customer needs. They should also make their e-mail more personalized so as to send the right message to the right person.

Definitely, the best strategy is to harness the possibilities of both e-mail and social sites. E-mail messages with social sharing options have more click-through rates. In addition to including social sharing options in your e-mails, professionally managed social campaigns can help you utilize new ways of doing e-mail marketing.

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