A book may not be judged by its cover, but a business is always judged by its website.

Warning!!! It’s time to rebuild

  • When the website is not maintained regularly

  • When it is not updated

  • When the site is hacked

Get back your website in a good condition!!!  Explore great options to rebuild your website.

Rebuilding a website needs careful planning and presentation, both before and after developing the website. Planning and preparing architectural view and content on current issues has to be done before developing the website. After deploying, the website needs to be maintained and kept updated.

Once the website is rebuilt, both the comfort and convenience of the owner and the user must be considered. An impressive design and overall outlook of the website can bring the owner and the viewer on same terms.

Uncluttered Homepage

Your Homepage tells the viewer why they have reached this page. A short and clear message is best to help the viewer understand what the website offers.


Navigation speed is important to keep the viewer reaching out more pages of your website and stay longer, too. If the navigation is kept comfortable for the user, chances of revisiting your website is more.

Responsive Pages

Your website must  be responsive by adapting to the display and technicalities of all kinds of devices like mobile phones of any operating system, laptops of different configuration, etc. Responsiveness of your website will make your website accessible on both large and small screens. The user will be interested in spending more time in a responsive website and this, in turn, will improve ranking of your website.


The content of the landing page is a crucial factor for the visitor to stay or look more into your website. About 15020 lines of content is enough, but it must be simple and meaningful. The content of the landing page must carry all the information about the website at a glance.

Consistent Font Size And Style

There must be uniformity in the font size and style across the web pages of a website. This keeps the visitor focussed on the same website for a longer time.

Update Latest News

Keep your website updated with latest events that are relevant to the content of the website. These latest news and events must be updated periodically.

Contact Information

Contact details must be clear and compact for the visitor to be able to reach you easily, correctly and regularly. Such feedbacks help you gain confidence of the visitor.

Page Speed

Page speed is an indication of your website ranking. When there is a delay in loading of a page, the visitors go back to the search engine to see the next website. Survey says that more than 83% visitors expect a page to load within 3 seconds. About 40% visitors abandon the webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Colourful Landing Page

Colours can be appalling and can evoke a variety of emotions within us. Carefully choosing the right combination of colours to design a webpage is as important as the content or the service. A neat layout with appropriate colour theme can be the basis of the design of the website. This design and colour theme must also be an indication of the services or products that the website offers. The design must also be uniform in all web pages of the website.

Form Funcitonality

Form page is one of the major factors considered by the visitor to revoke or approve your website. When there is a requirement to fill forms, the fields must be easy to access and understand. Receiving acknowledgement is very crucial for the visitor. The visitor must be able to checkout comfortably without any hurry.

Live Chat

Presence of live chat gives the impression that the website is active and the host is just a call away. Live chat also helps the visitor to review and clarify the information about the website at a personal level. The live chat must respond to visitor’s queries, requests and feedbacks. It can also allow visitors to share their ideas, suggestions and expectations about your website. These suggestions can go a long way in improving your website, establishing longer relationship with the visitors and making the website more user friendly.

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